Payday Loans in Rhode Island

Rhode Island payday loans

We could make your life a little easier and take one thing off your chest. We understand you have financial obligations to yourself, your family, and so forth.

We also understand that your job may not be enough to cover all of these expenses. But you no longer need to be concerned. Payday loans in Rhode Island might assist you to alleviate all of your financial worries. Everyone requires a loan at some point in their lives, regardless of their socioeconomic standing (high, middle, or lower).

When you have an urgent financial need, you may be anxious about how to receive the funds, especially if your next payment is still a long time away. Payday loans in Rhode Island are a quick and easy way to receive cash when you need it most. Any Rhode Island citizen, regardless of credit history, is eligible for a cash advance of up to $500. We provide quick and secure loans with few restrictions; these loans are also available on weekends, are digitized, and require no paperwork. Isn’t it smooth?


  • Payday Loan

 Payday loans may be one of the only places Rhode Island inhabitants with bad credit can turn for temporary financial relief in circumstances of financial emergencies or life-or-death situations. A payday loan is a short-term loan that allows you to borrow a certain amount until your next paycheck arrives.  The company will lend you a specified amount once you’ve been approved—usually no more than $500. Let’s say you’re short on cash one month and can’t pay your rent, so you go to a payday lender and request a loan large enough to cover the payment. Simply for completing your application, you will be credited in less than 24 hours.

Law Status Legal
Minimum Loan Amount None
Maximum Loan Amount $500
Minimum Loan Term 13 Days
Maximum Loan term Not stated
Maximum Annual percentage Rate (APR)% 260%
Additional Fees $10
None-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees None
Collateral or Guarantor None
Number of Simultaneous Loans 3 a Year
Cooling-off Period None
Rollover One Rollover
Extension, Repayment Plan None
Default Penalties Not Stated
Credit Score Requirements Available for Bad Credit
  • Installment Loan

Installment loans are available in a range of sizes, from $1,000 to $5,000. Installment loans, which provide larger cash advances than payday loans, are used to meet larger financial responsibilities. Because snakes have unexpectedly visited your home, you may need to purchase a lawn mower to cut the shrubs in your backyard. A parking lot and other structures may also be required. These tasks are straightforward with a Rhode Island installment loan.

Law Status Legal
Minimum Loan Amount $1,000
Maximum Loan Amount $5,000
Minimum Loan Term 90 Days
Maximum Loan Term 36 Months
Minimum Annual Percentage Rate 6.63%
Collateral or Guarantor None
Credit Card Requirements Available for Bad Credit
  • Personal Loan

Personal loans can be utilized for a variety of reasons. Debt consolidation, home renovation projects, vacation or other significant expenditures, medical bills, and refinancing an existing loan are all examples of common uses.

These loans are available to anybody in Rhode Island with good or terrible credit, and there are no restrictions on how you can use them. A personal loan requires a monthly fixed-rate payment which means that the amount you pay back is usually the same throughout the loan’s duration; this is convenient because you know exactly how much you’ll be paying each month.

Law Status Legal
Minimum Loan Amount $1,000
Maximum Loan Amount $5,000
Minimum Loan Term 90 Days
Maximum Loan Term 60 Months
Minimum Annual Percentage Rate (APR)  4.99%
Collateral or Guarantor None
Credit Card Requirement Available for Bad Credit


Payday loans in Rhode Island are limited to $500. The maximum borrowing term is indefinite; the minimum loan term is 13 days. Even though the APR can exceed 260 percent, lenders are only allowed to levy finance costs of up to 10% of the amount advanced. Only one rollover is allowed.


  • Get a pawn loan

A pawn shop loan is an alternative to selling your valuables that does not require a credit check. To get one, you hand over anything valuable to pawnshop staff, who appraise it and determine whether or not to give you a loan in exchange for it. You get your collateral back if you return the loan and any fees by the agreed-upon due date. You lose whatsoever asset you pawned if you can’t return the loan on time.

To get your item back, you and the pawnshop agree on a payment schedule for the loan, as well as any other interest or fees. A pawnshop will usually inform you if it will lend you money and how much it will lend you immediately away.

  • Consult a credit counselor

A nonprofit credit counseling organization may be the place to go if you’re drowning in debt. A credit counselor can help you pay off debt faster, cut interest rates, create a household budget, and improve your financial situation. Depending on the services you need, nonprofit credit counseling organizations may be able to provide them for free or at a reduced cost.

  • Obtain a personal loan

While banks have a bad image for red tape and lengthy processes, you shouldn’t overlook your local financial institution in an emergency. If you need money for a specific reason, a personal loan through a bank or credit union may be a far more affordable option than a payday loan. Personal loans feature a monthly fixed-rate payment, which means that the amount you pay back is usually the same throughout the term of the loan.

Personal loans can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including unexpected funeral expenses resulting from the death of an elderly relative. Personal loans are often unsecured, which means they do not require any sort of security.

  • Come up with new ways to make money

You might be able to avoid taking out a payday loan if you increase your income. Although it is easier said than done to make more money, there are several chances both online and offline. Freelance writing, taking surveys, and beta testing apps and websites are all examples of internet opportunities. Driving for Door Dash or Uber, selling used items at a garage sale, and having a part-time job are all examples of offline opportunities.

  • Take a loan from family or friends

Another option is to ask family members for a family loan or borrow money from friends to avoid taking out a payday loan. It may also be simpler to obtain the funds you require because you will not be required to complete a formal application.

Once the family member or friend has agreed, you should draft a loan agreement that specifies the payback terms as well as the interest rate (if any). One crucial point to remember is that you must repay the loan on time to keep a healthy connection with your family member.

  • Ask your employer for a paycheck advance

A paycheck advance could be the solution to your short-term cash flow challenge. These loans are not available from every company, and the terms vary. You must recognize that the advance is a real debt that you must repay according to the agreed-upon timeline.

  • Payment plans can assist you with bills

Whether you’re having trouble paying your expenses, see if you can set up a payment plan with your supplier. You can avoid having to pay the entire bill in one go this way. Some lenders may provide a forbearance or delay program to assist you in getting through a difficult period.

Keep in mind that you’ll almost certainly be charged interest and fees if you choose this choice. The higher interest and costs may, however, be worth it if it prevents you from taking out a payday loan.

  • Consider a credit card with a low-interest rate

Even if your credit is a little shaky right now, you might be able to get a low-interest credit card (or at least one with an APR that’s significantly lower than the APR on a payday loan). If you’re having trouble repaying credit card debt, a balance transfer card can provide some relief. To qualify for a low-interest credit card, you’ll normally need excellent credit or better.


Any Rhode Island resident can apply for a Payday Loan both online and in person. It’s quick and easy:

  • Use a free online application to pre-qualify.
  • Check the rates and submit your loan request to the best lender.
  • Once accepted, the funds will be paid straight into your bank account the same or the following working day.




  • Rhode Island (US) residency
  • A minimum monthly income of $1,000 • a phone number and an e-mail address (if applying online, you must be able to be contacted via phone if verification of application information is necessary)
  • A valid checking or savings account that accepts direct deposit
  • Not being a regular or reserve member of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy (or the dependent of someone who is) serving on active service under a call or order that does not specify 30 days or less.
  • A valid government-issued photo ID when applying at Loan Store. 
  • If applying online, you must give a valid Social Security Number.
  • If applying in-store, you must present proof of income and proof of a bank checking account. Debit cards or pre-printed checks may be accepted as proof of bank checking account in your state; check with your local shop for more information. Acceptable papers may differ from state to state. 


How much would a borrower pay back after obtaining a $300 payday loan online in Rhode Island

For a 13-day term:

Annual Percentage Rate (APR%): 260%

Loan Obtained: $400

To return: $440

APR% Calculation= $40/13days = 3.07* 365 days

= 1,123%/ yearly



  • What can I use instead of a payday loan?


  • Local nonprofits and charities.
  • Medical bill assistance.
  • Bad-credit loans.
  • Credit union loans.
  • Other ways to make money.
  • Lending circles.
  • Family loans.
  • Cash advance apps.


  • Are payday loans legal in RI?

In Rhode Island, payday loans are currently permitted. These loans in the state of Rhode Island are capped at $500. The maximum borrowing term is indefinite; the minimum loan term is 13 days. Even though the APR can exceed 260 percent, creditors are only authorized to levy finance costs of up to 10% of the amount advanced. Only one rollover is allowed. Borrowers cannot be prosecuted criminally.

  • Can you have 2 payday loans at once?

Yes, if necessary, multiple payday loans can be obtained at the same time. However, it is not so simple because the qualifications for the second loan are somewhat limited to determine the qualified group.